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Woodcock hunting with dog

If we are looking for a good hunting challenge, without a doubt hunting woodcock can bring us great satisfaction. The difficulty of hunting the deaf is well known to those who dare to spend a few days hunting after its capture. A day of woodcock in which three or four catches are made becomes an exceptional hunting day, so for many hunters the woodcock is the queen of small game.

The generally difficult terrain, adverse weather conditions and above all the difficulties inherent in locating such an elusive bird like this pose a real challenge for the most experienced hunter.

Demanding hunting situations for dogs and hunters who must face elusive and well-adapted prey to a terrain that is sometimes quite hostile for the hunter. Precisely for this reason the hunting of the “lady of the forest” as the woodcock is also known is a modality that brings great satisfaction and sets to remember.

Hunting these migratory birds requires good preparation and determination to find them, below we will address the best tips to make our journey a success.

If you want more information to carry out a hunting day, do not hesitate to contact the Mallorca Hunting team, who will inform you of everything you need to spend an unforgettable day.

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