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To give a greater guarantee to all our clients, before any hunt, the hunter must sign the general conditions detailed below, otherwise the hunt cannot be started.

Reservations and payments:

To make the reservation, it will be necessary to enter at least 25% of the total amount of the reserved animal and the rest at the end of the hunt.

The prices published on this website do not include VAT. Our company will only invoice the hunter for the part proportional to the hunting advice that has been produced on our part, depending on the hunt it will vary, it will never be 100% of the value of the animal.

Once a reservation has been made, the company is no longer obliged to return any amount of money to the hunter, unless the management considers it to be a reason of force majeure, but only by decision of the management, the hunter does not have the right to request no refund under any circumstances.

Prices include (except where otherwise indicated):

  • Professional hunter assistance, first trophy preparation and internal transfers during the hunt.
  • Reception at the farm, documentation control, hunting permit (seal) and farm hunting authorization.
  • Certificates of the animals, seals and documentation for transporting the trophy.

Conditions accepted by the hunter, hiring any hunt:

  • The hunting guide who accompanies the hunter, will inform and advise the same of the quality of each trophy, always assuming the hunter his responsibility to shoot or not, In case of acceptance the hunter, will be forced to assume the amounts of our rates .
  • The entry into the farm of any modality for archers, will be € 200 (to be deducted from the total of the animal / s).
  • The measurement of the trophy will be done in green on the farm. and it does not have to coincide with the official measurement of the National
  • Board of Approval CIC, since in some trophies it is normal that it differs.
  • Under no circumstances may the hunter dispose of the trophy if 100% of the payment has not been made, the animal will not leave the farm.
  • The decisions made by the professional hunter will be unquestionable unless the hunter is responsible for the damages and prejudices that his actions or decisions incur.
  • Only the animal indicated by the professional hunter may be shot and when the latter deems it appropriate to fire the shot, if the professional hunter does not give the order, the hunter will be obliged to take responsibility for the damage caused.
  • Shots with blood; An injured animal is considered a dead animal, in those cases in which the animal is injured, the hunt will be considered over, adopting the necessary provisions to proceed with its pursuit, auction and collection, the hunter will have to pay the entire animal, as assessed by the hunting guide, and once the trophy has been collected, the hunter may dispose of it.
  • The company and property of the farms will do everything possible to recover the trophy that has been injured, but at no time will they be responsible for the event of not being found.
  • If an animal is hired at a fixed price and at the end of the hunting day it does not kill it, either due to its failures or due to causes beyond our organization, you must pay € 150 (for archers it will be € 200), if the shot fails two times or more € 200, regardless of whether you hunt with a rifle or with a bow.
  • Before hunting it is recommended to check the rifle and shoot the target at 150 meters, to ensure that the rifle is well centered. We reserve the right to make the hunter shoot before the hunt, to see if the rifle is perfectly regulated.
  • The hunter will notify in advance of at least 15 days if there is any change in the dates of the hunt contracted, if not and not attending the contracted dates of the hunt, he will lose the signal delivered, without any return option.
  • If the hunter presents some type of disability, illness, if he is taking medication, low physical condition or something else, please contact him to take the appropriate measures and condition the hunt as much as possible to him.
  • The hunter is obliged to have all the regulatory documentation that the competent authorities may require, our company declines any type of responsibility.
  • The hunter is directly and exclusively responsible for any damages that may be caused to people, crops, buildings or administrative penalties, and are a direct consequence of not complying with the indications of the organization or nursery.
  • Our company only advises hunters, so it will invoice the hunter, only the advisory part of each hunt, or accompaniment if there is one, never the entire hunt, since it does not depend on us, the prices of each farm or property that the hunter decided to go.
  • All these points will be applicable to each hunt unless otherwise specified in the offer made, in any of the points. The conditions and rules of each offer will prevail first, although those described here also remain in force.These general conditions must be signed by the hunter before starting the hunt, otherwise it will not be able to start, losing its reservation.

    IMPORTANT NOTES: The programs offered through our website are not a contractual document, since they are made for informational purposes only, the company does not commit us to absolutely nothing. Prices may vary without prior notice, for reasons beyond the control of our company, representatives and outfitters.

    The hunter must inform us of his interest in the hunt he wants to carry out, we will give him prices, conditions and a maximum period to make the reservation by bank transfer, which will be the period in which we can secure and / or “freeze” said prices and conditions If the deadlines to make the reservation effective are not respected, we reserve the right to change conditions and prices of the hunt.

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