The Mallorcan wild goat or Boc Balear is one of the first species introduced by humans to the Balearic Islands, originally from western Asia, which quickly adapted to the ecosystems of the islands. It is one of the latest additions to the SCI hunting species list.

The Boc Balear is one of the most sought-after species in the hunting world at a national and international level. The beauty of the landscape coupled with the fact that it is a unique species has increased the demand for this beautiful animal over the last few years.

It is a wild animal, brother to other similar goats from other Mediterranean islands, and which finds its best habitat in the Serra de Tramuntana. Its reddish fur, its cross of black hair on the back and its open horns are distinctive.

The Mallorcan wild goat or Boc Balear is the only species of big game in the Balearic Islands, and Mallorca the only destination in the world where this exclusive trophy can be achieved.

In Mallorca Hunting we put at your disposal the best hunting areas, where you can choose from numerous trophies:

Selective, Representative, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The hunting trophy of this unique goat in the world and exclusive to Mallorca is internationally recognized and it is one of the select trophies for large mountain hunting due to its scarcity and regulation.

The legal origin of the Boc Balear trophy is only guaranteed in preserves that have the Quality Certificate for Big Game, such as ours.

Hunting in reserves without such a certificate is severely sanctioned and its activity is controlled by the Hunting Department of the Consell de Mallorca.